Speculating About a New Africa


The Science Fiction and Fact of a Futuristic Africa

Stephen Chan, Professor of international relations, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, imagined in a web article called Africa in 2064 – an Afrocentric future what Africa could be like in 50 years' time. 

"The Chinese and Africans have built a vast space station with moon fleets and Mars tankers. Minerals on both heavenly bodies catalyze their earthly equivalents into something never before imagined. Martian-enhanced plutonium has drastically reduced radioactivity and gives huge increases in nuclear energy."

From the Africa Report, "Africa in 2064"

Africa is a continent overflowing with stories about what the future will be like. In Western nations, science fiction writers such as Arthur C. Clarke predicted the NASA space station and Americans probing throughout the human solar system and beyond. Today, African academicians and sci-fi writers are predicting a new world order where Europe and North America have depleted their natural resources. The world relies upon a peaceful and united Africa for raw materials and essential manufacturing.

 "From Europe, Africa will seem a promised land of beautiful ebony people who dominate science and advanced forms of nanotechnology, nitrogen extraction from water and the first tri-hybrid cars that work on nitrogen and solar batteries, needing petroleum only to start the engines. The patents are all held in African hands."

From the Africa Report, "Africa in 2064"

Doing the Impossible

Real life can be much more fantastic than anything we can create in fiction. Even the great bard Shakespeare is said to have based his play Othello on a real African military man who commanded soldiers during the Medieval Ages when Europe was conquered by Africa. Many popular cinema and TV cowboys were based on Black Buffalo soldiers who roamed the country after the American Civil War. 

Space Aliens are Real?

Space Aliens could be very real! And they may most likely visited Africa many times in the past while taking on may different shapes as human or reptiles. The Dogo People claimed have seen the aliens and learned part of their astronomy. In the 21st Century, we may all will see the universe very differently. Science Fiction writers prepare us on how to deal with ET.

Africa Is Melting!

Science Fact and Fiction of global climate change are colliding catastrophically. Our environment will get extremely wet, desperately dry, unbearably cold, and dangerously hot in very rapidly succession. Weather may become totally unpredictable. All Africans  throughout the Black Diaspora will be challenged to maintain connections with family. Living on any coastline will be a difficult task. Sci-Fi writers offers us alternatives to ponder.