Get your Black Sci-Fi On!

What makes science fiction AFROCentric -- related to things African in a futuristic or fantastic sense? It is more than painting superman a darker shade of Brownish. The words and images must have social hues and relevant emotions and a higher purpose reflective of human civilization rising from the Mother continent. Africa has thousands of historical beliefs, popular languages, religious practices, deadly conflicts and miraculous healing. Africa has superheros and evolved warriors who defend, inspire and unite us. We are all Human. We are ALL African.

Why is Black Sci-Fi Important?

Consider The AFRO-Asian Connection

Africa and Asia are forging a special bond. Some observers claim that Europe has long feared this connection in economics, politics and culture. Today, Japan and China are making huge investments in Africa -- building the infrastructure. The cultural merger, likewise, is undergoing dramatic adjustments. Books, music and the performing arts are spreading through Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

AFRO Samurai is a combination of traditional Asian art forms and American HipHop. Veteran actor Samuel L Jackson uses his award winning acting style (and penchant to drop the "F" bomb) to portray a sword slinging avenger of justice with a hiphop swagger. Put this on your video bucket list. Dig deeper in AFRO Anime and you may be surprised at you find.

What is African and Asian and Animated?

AFROFuturism is an Action Verb

AFROfuturism is a gathering of thought and involvement simular to the epic 1960s Black Power movement, or the current "Black Lives Matter" network of national and international organizations. Imperfect, yet, productive.

AFROFuturism is NOT a black thing merely attacking white greed. It is open to everyone (a white reporter first coined the phrase). AFROFuturism is like "jazz" or "hiphop" or "DC Mumbo sauce" and other cultural icons embraced by people of all colors and their supporters from many different backgrounds. It is about writing, performance, graphic arts and digital multi-media expressing African values such as respecting the Earth, honoring the ancestors, creating a better world for our children and our children's children children. Advancing our understanding of ourselves and the universe.

AFROFuturism: Celebrating the Freedom to co-evolving in harmony.

Meet the Early Architects of AFROFuturism